#1. though it aches with the sorrows of the soul,

the heart will never stop its beat.

title: pulse

#2. though it aches with the sorrows of the soul, the heart will continue its beat.
title: pulsating


The pulse series was a side project I did on my own a few summers ago. It started with the captions underneath which were given to me by my friend Bianca Cortez as a collaboration between verse and illustration. I took the creative freedom to make some kind of story with each phrase. It was originally going to be an illustration per phrase but my mind was seeing it in a storyboard manner or animation. 

Pulse begins with the word "pulse." Creating a mystery from the beginning. As the illustrations unfold, it starts out with a zoomed in view of the clavicle, zooms out so you can see the bust of a woman's who's face portrays melancholy. Tears roll down her face and we zoom back into the chest where the heart begins to pulse. I took the first series to play with the thought that once you feel love your heart pulses and comes to life. Tying it in with a metaphor that when one wears their heart on their sleeve, it leaves them very vulnerable to the person they love. 

Pulsating continues with this intense, emotional air as you watch the girl continue to cry from a frontal angle and much closer to the subject than the first series. It follows with this gory image of the female's mouth agape and running with a mystery liquid. Switching over to see the hard edges of her back, you wonder what the girl is leaning over. Stepping closer, you see her spine protruding through her skin and when  you look over her shoulder to find out what she's look at, you find yourself to a pulsating heart in her hands, literally her heart is in her sleeve. To continue the metaphor, the second part of the series is to show a more active illustration to the word "pulsating", and that in the time that you become vulnerable with someone else, you may not realize how much too much vulnerability can ruin your own person. This second part of the series is supposed to feel a little more interactive, expose the viewer's raw emotions. 

Though the illustrations prove gory, I hope to convey a lot more emotions besides how grotesque it may be.


There will be a third part to the series where the verb has switched to a past tense of "pulsated". Keep your eyes out for the new additions.