lot slots  

UX/UI Design


As much as you plan to get somewhere in time, there may always be a hiccup along the way. When you try to find a parking lot on campus, it’s nearly impossible to know when and where the free spots are without taking the chance of going three rounds in a parking garage, not to mention the inaccuracy the “full lot” sign may indicate. 


In theory, the parking garages we're endorsing would have a magnetic or weight sensor underneath the floor of the garage that would indicate how many cars have entered or left the building. Lot Slots would let you know of any free spots in parking garages near your campus. Once in a garage, the app would guide you through to the free spot and let you know if there are any rivals within the garage as well. 


The search for a parking lot among campus could be considered competitive and if not in the situation, looks almost comical from an outsider's perspective. Adding the playful jibe of a video game aesthetic and providing the tools for a more "fair" game, the users of the app would be rewarded with an easier experience in finding a parking spot and reducing stresses of time. The branding would take on a playful color scheme with jabs at video game references and playful quirks in the use of the app to amuse the user in search of their lot slot. 


We’re catering to commuters, students, teachers, etc. people that are in a rush, forgetful, and usually running late to work/school and own cars. The audience we're catering to will be limited to parking garages because it is much harder to predict movement in free spaces than in enclosed parking lots. 




The brand is supposed to be playful and influenced by Tetris, other 8-bit video games, and geometric/isometric shapes. The aesthetic gives off a playful or gambling vibe. The type used was supposed to be simple and mimic the rectangular spaces of a parking lot. 


The app's background would be a dark grey to give it a stylish modern look. Bright colors are used to promote visibility as well as enhance a playful vibe such as the video game aesthetic mentioned. 


The display font, Quer was used solely for the logo. As for the body type,  Futura Medium was chosen for it's readability, and edgy style. 


  • Tutorial that notifies users of app use
  • Relies on GPS for location
  • Filters for different parking choices
    • red- staff
    • green-residential
    • purple- commuter
    • special parking spots 
      • handicap 
      • large spaces 
      • compact cars
  • Provides nearest parking garages and how many spaces are free
  • Alert the user if other cars are entering the vicinity (your rivals) 
  • If the garage is filled,  user is recommended the nearest parking garage nearby 
  • Voice activated for free hand driving 
  • Indicates if other users are returning to the car in a 100 yard vicinity. 


The user will be met with a tutorial that will talk about the components of the app that would make the experience easier. 


To find a spot much faster, the user is allowed to choose filters that would cater to their specific needs. The filter options will allow you to specify parking lot choices through permits the user may have access (red - staff, green - residential, purple - commuter) to or special features like handicap, compact car, or spaces that are well known to be large. If no filters are chosen, the default choice is to look up all parking spaces. 


You will know how many rivals you’re up against once you’ve decided the garage you are going to park in. And when a new challenger surfaces, the app will notify you of their entrance. 


Once in the garage you will be indicated by a little yellow car, and your rivals will be the small ghosts riding the black cars. To know where the rivals are at, you could simply see them on the display of the isometric floors.


Looking for your free spaces will be indicated by the number of "free" spaces at the top of the page as well as the white spots shown on the garage floor.


Blinking yellow parking slots are pending spots. App users will be the only ones to know that other users are nearby because your app/phone is connected to the car. To avoid any security issues or revealing exactly where the user is, the blinking will occur when the person is in a 100 yard range. Though it may be pending, the reliability is less than the actual spot being open.