Brand Challenge


Get around is based on the innovative idea of a peer-to-peer car sharing service. Although this service is relatively new, it is vital that Getaround promotes its unique selling points to set itself apart from competitors. As of now, Getaround lacks the personality and the overall messaging it needs to make the company seem personal & genuine. This lack of personal voice, coupled with the scarce interaction between drivers, car owners, and the company itself leads to a break in trust that may turn away future customers.


Brand Strategy


Get around helps expand people’s garages by having a convenient and effortless renting experience. No one car can match all the needs of any person. People, unlike vehicles, are multifaceted and dynamic. A day could involve hauling, exploring a new city, picking up your kid’s soccer team, and picking up a hot date. Get around gives you the option to find your drive when you need it. 


Creative Objectives


create a user flow that is simple and easy 

warm up the brand’s tone 

strengthen communication between owners, drivers and company

Find getaround’s individuality